WISCA 2022 Leadership Summit

Presentation Summaries and Learning Objectives 

ASCA Update
Kara Newbury, JD, Regulatory Counsel and Director, Government Affairs


Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze policies finalized in the 2023 Proposed Payment Rule
  • Review proposed changes to the ASC Quality Reporting Program
  • Discuss recent revisions to the Medicare State Operations Manual Appendix I.

Wisconsin's Workforce: How did we get here? What to do about it.
Dennis Winters, Chief Economist, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of Wisconsin's workforce challenge

  • Solutions

The Benefits of Data Informed Decision Making
Dana Richardson, CEO and Abby Klemp, MPH, Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO)

Summary: This presentation will include on overview of the WHIO including its mission and role in WI, and the products and services it provides. Information about how data is used to create information that can be used to guide decisions will be provided. Finally, findings from a report commissioned by the WISCA on Ambulatory Surgery Center volume and costs will be presented, along with other example of how the WHIO’s data is used to inform decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will gain a general understanding of the WHIO
  • Attendees will gain an understanding of how information is created to inform decision making
  • Attendees will be provided examples of WHIO information that is being used to inform decisions include information that was created on behalf of WISCA

Leading High-Performing Teams: Essential Leadership Skills for Today’s Workforce
Andy Hillig, PCC, MBA, FACHE, LAK Group

Summary: In today's healthcare environment, the highest performing leaders are those who focus less on control and more on culture, people, and connections. In this program, you will learn about how to build a culture in which people are more inspired and engaged, generate new ideas, and ultimately create long-term, profitable growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define how the workplace has changed and the impact on your team
  • Discuss the leadership skills necessary to lead a high-performing team
  • Identify strategies to lead high-performing teams

Put an End to the Great Resignation: Targeting Culture Improvement in Your Organization
Mike Grubich, LAK Group

Summary: Three simple words have shaped the world of work since 2021: The Great Resignation. The changes in lifestyle brought on by the pandemic led many to re-think how, where and why they work. Reducing employee turnover can be condensed into one idea: making people happier in their jobs. When the compensation packages are inviting, the company culture built around the success of the entire person (not just their worker personas), and when plenty of room for learning and growing is made available to everyone, the result will be a workforce that is committed to delivering strong outcomes for their employers for the long haul.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the root causes of employee turnover
  • Discuss how workforce analytics is helping to identify and stratify risk of employee turnover
  • Identify strategies to retain more employees.

Election 2022 Outlook in Wisconsin and the Nation
Charles Franklin, PhD

Summary: The president’s party has lost seats in the House of Representatives in every midterm election except 3 since 1862. The average loss is 26 seats. The Senate is more variable, with an average loss of 2 seats but more exceptions in which the party held even or gained slightly. This sets expectations for November, and I briefly review the tossup races for Senate around the country.

Learning Objectives:

  • Midterm election expectations
  • Wisconsin Governor’s race
  • Wisconsin Senate race

A Health Law Update just for ASCs
Thomas Shorter, JD, FACHE, Husch Blackwell

Summary: The lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to color and alter the health care landscape in unexpected ways. This fast-paced session will offer up to date information on what is new and what might be coming next. We will also delve into key legislative and regulatory developments that shape health care deliver in the ASC setting.

Learning Objectives:

  • How health challenges of our citizens impact the delivery of the U.S. health care system.
  • What key legislative and regulatory developments are shaping the delivery of ASCs care.
  • Consider what current actions are of note and what may be on the horizon.

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