WISCA Legislative Tracker: What’s Happening Under the Capitol Dome

Thursday, May 25, 2023 9:02 AM | WiSCA (Administrator)

The 2023-24 legislative session is in full swing, and although the state budget bill is consuming most of the attention and activity in the State Capitol, numerous stand-alone bills are being introduced and considered by lawmakers. The WISCA Government Affairs Team – helmed by Andy Engel at Hamilton Consulting – is actively lobbying on legislation of interest to WISCA members.

Members can follow the activity in the Capitol with the WISCA Legislative Tracker that provides key information on the bills WISCA is working on under the Capitol dome. The Bill Tracker, which you can find below, includes the bill number, a description of the bill, its status, and WISCA’s position on the proposal:

·        Bill: Assembly Bill 144 / Senate Bill 158

  • Description: This legislation, which aims to expedite occupational licensing in Wisconsin, would require the state to grant preliminary occupational credentials to health care professionals. More specifically, the bill requires the Department of Safety and Professional Services to grant a preliminary credential to an individual who has met all the requirements for a permanent credential, including having completed all education, training, and supervised experience requirements. In addition, an applicant for a preliminary license must also: 1.) Attest that they do not have a disqualifying arrest or conviction record; 2.) Verify that the position they have been hired for is within the scope of their practice; and 3.) Confirm that they have applied for a permanent credential. Finally, the health care employer that hired the applicant must verify that the individual has – to the best of the health care employer's knowledge – completed the required education, training, and supervised experience necessary for a permanent credential. 

·     Status: AB 144 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Regulatory Licensing Reform Committee. The committee held a public hearing on the bill on 04/12/23. SB 158 was introduced and referred to the Senate Committee on Licensing, Constitution, and Federalism.

·     WAO Position: SUPPORT

The WISCA Government Affairs Team  is also closely watching legislation (AB 245 / SB 301) to eliminate the personal property tax in Wisconsin. The proposal, which is supported by WISCA, was passed by the full Assembly and is under further consideration by the Senate.

WISCA will continue to monitor these proposals and report back to the membership on their status in future editions of the WISCA Advocacy Newsletter.

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