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WISCA’s Legislative Key Contact Program is an organized, hands-on strategic grassroots advocacy tool to help build and nurture strong on-going relationships between WISCA members and lawmakers in Wisconsin. The success of the program depends greatly on strong member participation.

As a WISCA Key Contact, you can help influence the legislative process at both state and federal levels by cultivating relationships with elected officials. By taking advantage of existing relationships and making new contact with members of the Wisconsin Legislature and the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation, you can help us educate lawmakers on industry issues, become a trusted counselor to legislators on pending legislation, and help shape new policies important to our profession.

Fortunately, lawmakers are often eager to hear input from their constituents. As an expert in your field, you are uniquely qualified to explain complex industry-related issues to policymakers and make a real difference in the legislative process. It is important for us to build a strong team of association members who have existing relationships or are willing to build relationships with elected officials who routinely make decisions on issues and proposals that impact you and your profession.

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