Capitol Spotlight: WISCA Is Watching

Thursday, January 18, 2024 6:40 AM | WiSCA (Administrator)

The APRN bill still sits in a stalemate with no movement since our last report, although some action in the Assembly is expected soon. The APRN bill establishes an Advance Practice Registered Nurse credential in Wisconsin.  WISCA has been closely monitoring AB 154/SB 145, as one of the biggest sticking points within that new credential relates to pain management procedures and the collaborative agreements surrounding nurse anesthetists. 

An amendment to the bill was introduced requiring CRNA’s have a collaborative agreement with a physician who has a pain management background.  WISCA has pushed back against this amendment arguing that it would hurt our ability to provide services, especially in more rural areas, where there are fewer physicians with a pain management background.  The bill has passed the Senate without this amendment and is being considered in the Assembly.  In addition to our concerns, it appears the Governor still has certain issues with the bill, and it is unclear how and if it will become law.  

Outside of APRN legislation, bills related to price and access have been introduced by Republicans and Democrats that are making their way through the legislative process.  Most of them are unlikely to find consensus and become law without compromise.  These include a price transparency bill to align Wisconsin law with the federal law as it relates to hospitals posting their pricing; a proposal to make several changes to how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are regulated; legislation to allow for direct primary care in Wisconsin; and a bill to create a provisional license for international physicians. 

Lastly, the Surgical Black Box bill has been introduced in the Assembly.  AB 870 would allow for patients to have their surgeries recorded.  WISCA has opposed this bill in the past and will do so this session. 

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