Governor vetoes two health care bills WISCA engaged on

Monday, April 15, 2024 4:21 PM | WiSCA (Administrator)

For multiple sessions now Wisconsin nurses have been trying to push across the finish line a bill that would provide an advanced practice registered nurse credential (APRN bill). The bill passed both houses last session and this session but was ultimately vetoed by the Governor both times as disagreement over the proposed policy remains with both the Wisconsin Medical Society and Wisconsin Society of Anesthesiologists arguing against certain provisions in the bill. On behalf of ASC’s, WISCA lobbied against a proposed amendment that would’ve resulted in a restriction on collaborative agreements with nurse anesthetist. This provision was ultimately was not included in the final package. There is expectation that the bill will resurface again. The Governor also vetoed a bill that would’ve required DSPS to issue a temporary license to certain health care prospective employees provided their initial coursework and paperwork were submitted. The idea behind the bill was to move potential health care workers more quickly into the workforce. The Governor objected to the bill citing concern over background checks that wouldn’t be completed prior to people entering the workforce and referenced patient safety as a reason for vetoing the bill. 

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