Clinical Forum 2024 Showcase

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The Clinical Forum 2024 Showcase includes recordings of the following two presentations: SAFETY IN YOUR WORKPLACE Gianni Scarcello, Safety and Compliance Specialist, Bevara Building Services In this presentation, we will discuss updates to NFPA 70B and how they can affect your ASC. Also, we will be covering your workplace safety culture. What metrics can we review/track to determine what we are doing to foster a safe workplace? We will look at why this is this important for our staff but for the safety of our patients as well. The safety culture discussion will also touch on an unfortunate trend in today's workplace; active shooter situations. INFECTION CONTROL: DHS UPDATE Jennifer Kuhn, BSN, RN, CIC, Ambulatory Care Infection Preventionist, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) Prevention Program Join Jennifer Kuhn, RN, BSN, CIC, Ambulatory Care Infection Preventionist for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, as she delivers a comprehensive session on "Infection Control: DHS Update." With her expertise, Jennifer will provide valuable insights and the latest updates on infection prevention strategies relevant to ambulatory care settings. This session is a must-attend for healthcare professionals seeking to stay abreast of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services guidelines and best practices in maintaining a safe and sterile environment within surgery centers. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and contribute to the ongoing commitment to infection control in ambulatory care.

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